Meet J. D. Dawson

Cord McCoy isn’t your everyday conservative, womanizing, gun carrying private detective; he is also rich. Cord along with his best friend, Huntsville Alabama police detective Jake Reed, respond to an early morning call at an upscale hotel near downtown to investigate a dead body in one of the rooms. If Cord can keep his mind on the case they have an excellent chance of sorting through the suspects and the twists and turns of the case. However, the unexpected return of Jake’s sister, Nicole, might just prove to be Cord’s undoing. If not, there is always the new Assistant District Attorney, Jessica Martes, and her secret agenda which might tear down Cord’s perfect world.

I began writing in college writing one book and part of another. Over the years my business career and life in general took away from my writing time. I always wanted to publish a book if for no other reason than to say I had done it. Finally, after life had slowed down a little I made the commitment to myself to follow my dream. I picked up the book I had finished writing in college and completely changed it into the Throne of Storms series and have been writing ever since.

I had completed a number of fiction titles, not all published, before I wrote my first non-fiction book on options trading. Trading options is my other passion and I spent over 20 years learning to do it. Now, I write about that also.

My business career has been spent as executives in a number of companies including one publicly traded one. Maybe one day I will write about that also.

Cord McCoy

The Hanging Teacher